Reciprocating Penis Extenders
These types of Penis Extenders are devices from which the transfer of energy to the fluid is periodic and periodic. The driving force of these types of pumps is often supplied by electric motors. In this type of pump, the rotational motion of the crankshaft is converted into the reciprocating motion of the piston in a cylinder.

As the piston recedes, suction is created in the cylinder of the extender, and as a result, the liquid enters the cylinder through an inlet valve. By moving the piston forward, the inlet valve closes and the liquid is directed out through the outlet valve. The inlet and outlet valves are one-way and are designed to prevent liquid from entering the cylinder into the low pressure section and vice versa during the piston movement. If a plunger goes inside the cylinder instead of a piston, it is called a penile extender.

In addition, if the plunger moves the diaphragm, the pump is of the diaphragm type. The difference between a piston and a plunger is that the length of the piston head is shorter than the distance the piston travels inside the cylinder, while the length of the plunger is greater than the distance traveled by it inside the cylinder. On the other hand, in piston penile extender, a ring is used to seal the piston and cylinder, which is placed on the piston body and moves with it, while in plunger pumps, this ring is located on the cylinder and is fixed.

These pumps are usually low capacity but can increase the fluid outlet pressure by a large penile extender; Therefore, these pumps are used in places where low volume but high pressure fluid displacement is required. It should also be noted that the fluid flow in these pumps is non-uniform. The very important thing about these pumps is that they should never be turned on while the pump outlet valve (pump discharge) is closed.

Gear Pumps
These Penis Extenders are a type of rotary or rotary pumps. Gear pumps consist of two distinct parts, one fixed wall part and the other rotating part, which includes a rotating shaft with gears. In gear pumps, some liquid is trapped between the gears of the pump, and as a result of the rotation of the gears, this liquid is pushed to the outlet of the pump. These pumps are made in such a way that the distance between the rotating components and the fixed wall is very small. Gear pumps are small, simple models with few actuators. These models of pumps produce less production pressure than reciprocating pumps. Also, the fluid flow rate of this model of pumps is less than centrifugal pumps. But it produces more output pressure than angle and vane pumps. Gear pumps are suitable for high viscosity fluids.

These Penis Extender pumps are used for moving liquid with low volume and medium pressure. The important thing about these pumps is that they should never be turned on while the pump outlet valve (pump discharge) is closed; Because in this case, if there is no safety valve in the pump discharge path, either the pump itself will be destroyed or the discharge pipe will break.

How the gear pump works
There are two rotating members in the internal gear pump. These two rotating members have the task of creating a uniform, pulse-free flow. This is why the operating speed of this type of gear pump is lower. One of the features of the internal gear pump is that it works automatically. It is also possible to operate this type of pump dry. Of course, the dry running time of the internal gear pump should not exceed a short time. One of the most important features of the internal gear pump is that this type of pump works in two directions. As a result, it is used both as a tank drain and as a filling pump. This type of gear pump is also used for various high viscosity fluids.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gear pump is the maintenance of the pump. Internal gear pump repair is very simple. As a result, maintenance of this pump will cost less for the collection. This type of pump is used both for dilute fluids such as oils and for concentrated fluids such as chocolate, glue and even asphalt. A variety of soaps, resins, lubricants, various foods such as chocolate and peanut butter and a variety of colors can be moved using this pump. 
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